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Tectil’s dedicated SharePoint team offers a variety of services that can be customised for every specific need. We specialise in helping customers get the most from their SharePoint platform by advising customers how best to configure, customise and launch their solution.

Companies want to interact more collaboratively across departments, increase productivity and engage a mobile and global workforce. With Microsoft SharePoint, we can bring multiple functions together on one system, helping your company to:

  • Manage hundreds of e-mails with large attachments
  • Enhance document version control
  • Gain overarching governance for file sharing practices
  • Reduce overhead costs for portal, application platform and business intelligence products

Our experienced teams will work with you to define the objectives and functional deliverable of the SharePoint solution, through to the technical implementation of the hardware and software. Adoption of the new solution is key to achieving your business objectives. We support launch and adoption planning and assist in ensuring success.